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To be successful with Social Media Marketing, you need to do more than just post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn…

You need to position yourself as an industry thought leader by getting involved and engaging with your online community. The more active you are, the more likely people are to engage with you so you need to like, comment and share posts relevant to your industry. 

In fact, more than 70% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to refer the brand to friends and family!

Custom Social Media Strategy


What can you expect with a Cohesive Custom Social Media Strategy?

1. We invest time in understanding your account goals and identifying your buyer personas. We then explain how we’re going to use social media to support your buyer journey. 

2.  We conduct an account audit to provide an overview of what’s working and what’s not and discover untapped opportunities in your social media strategy.

3. We provide actionable recommendations, covering everything from your Facebook About and Story, to your Instagram Bio and account settings.

4. We develop a bespoke content strategy around your business goals, which covers content frequency, content creation, visual guidelines, content pillars, hashtag pillars and more.

5. We develop a one month content plan for you packed with prompts for implementation that can be used as a framework across multiple months.

5. We let you in on our tips and tricks and explain the software we use to easily streamline social media management.

6. We share engagement strategies and community outreach tactics to help you connect with your target market.

7. We provide an outline of the metrics we use to measure results.

8. We conduct a 60 minute implementation consultation Zoom call to set you up for social media success!

Social Media Management Package


What can you expect a Cohesive Social Media Management Package?

1. We post daily to all relevant Social Platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

2. We respond to all direct messages, comments, tags and shares (and approach you when required for answers).

3. We dedicate a minimum of 90 minutes per week to community engagement by commenting, liking, following and engaging with content from your target audience and niche leaders.

4. We produce a monthly digital report that breaks down metrics and measures the success and impact of your organic content strategy.

5. We conduct monthly meetings to discuss ideas around social campaigns, analyse digital reports and discuss action items for the month ahead.

Please note, before committing to the Social Media Management package, a Custom Social Media strategy must be invested in first. Please refer to our Social Media Strategy Package.

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